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"Trebora Media does an exceptional job at taking our concepts and turning them into reality. We have been working with Robert and Trebora Media for a number of years. They have done an excellent job with our website. Trebora's work is thorough, which has had a big positive impact with the online presence of our medical practice and each of our doctors. Trebora has consistently provided us project fees which have been very fair for the high quality of work they deliver." Phoenix Eye Doctors

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According to LexisNexis, 44 million consumers searched for a lawyer online last year. We can help them find you. Contact us today.

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Today, if you want your medical practice to succeed, you must have a solid web marketing strategy. Contact us.

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Three Vital Components of Professional Web Marketing

Having a solid San Diego Web Marketing plan is extremely important to your success. The days of people looking law firms up in a phone book are long gone. Today, people use the internet to find a law firm. Whether you are a solo practitioner, a small partnership or a large law firm, you must have the following three components in place for a solid law firm marketing plan:

1. San Diego Law Firm Web Marketing

San Diego Web MarketingA professionally designed law firm website is the foundation for your law firm marketing plan. Without this, the rest of your marketing efforts will falter and cause you to waste money. The important thing to keep in mind here is that just any website will not do. Do not make the mistake of hiring the cheapest web designer you can find, and thinking that you just got a great deal on an law firm website. You did not. Would you hire the cheapest architect, the cheapest surgeon or, the cheapest law firm for that matter without regard to their knowledge and skills? We did not think so. Why then would you make that mistake when it comes to hiring someone whose work directly affects your law firm’s reputation and your livelihood? Would you rather get a cheap unprofessional website and lose hundreds of thousands if not millions in lost revenue from potential future clients due to a cheap unprofessional website? As they say in your world, I rest my case! Contact us today

2. San Diego Law Firm Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

San Diego Web MarketingWhat is SEO? In plain words, the work that goes into getting the most people to your law firm website and then converting those visitors into paying clients of your law firm is called SEO. It is not enough to just have an law firm website. Your website must be search engine optimized to ensure that Google, Bing and Yahoo know about your website and crawl it in a manner than ranks your website high. This means that when people search for an law firm in your practice specialization, your website comes up. For example, let us say that you primary practice is in personal injury law in Los Angeles California. The primary goal of your law firm website SEO is for your website to come up in the search results when a potential client types “personal injury law firm” in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Now imagine how many personal injury law firms there are in Los Angeles California. However, only ten or so personal injury law firm websites will show up on that coveted first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Trying to make sure that your website ranks high in those search results is what SEO is all about. Contact us today

3. San Diego Law Firm Website Social Media Marketing

San Diego Web MarketingAnyone can make Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media pages. For social media to be an effective and integral component of law firm internet marketing, those social media pages have to be useful and kept updated. Useful and regularly updated social media pages rank highly on the web and therefore should be an important aspect of a good law firm social media marketing plan. Contact us today



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